21 September 2015

The Gourmet Route

Been down th’ gourmet route for the dogs again, 
if there’s any shame in it they would probably let 
me know their way - a paw on the knee - an eye 
to eye gaze, that furtive woof; and the new lady, 
named Massey by the way, doesn’t have a view 
on taste like Podge professes, although she’s a 
far more enthused appreciator; better that she’s 
the one who says, woof - its OK - gimme more 

Podge grudgingly graces my efforts, when its a 
clean plate you’re a on winner but with abilities 
like his you’d need it in writing - he’s an expert 
at cadging the crust from your toast, delighting 
in its visceral consumption - leaving nothing to 
imagination; - so we’ll host a tasting and see 
© 19 May 2015, I. D. Carswell

Apparently it is okay - Podge had to be coaxed 
out from under the bed to test it, but a blend of 
pet mince, ground beef and mixed veg cooked 
with gravy mix is on the right road …