22 September 2015

Sybarite Glory

The dreamtime wishes are in place and activated 
before 8 am; they weren’t too frivolous anyway, a 
festering need to defrost the chest freezer played 
for first place and succeeded easily - & one could 
see the reasoning, but that degraded a chance of 
success for the next; there’s a mass of class stuff 
in this freezer which one cannot access without a 
bit - as th’ saying goes, of hit & miss occasionally 

So now we’ve disposed the locations of some but 
dismayed patterns of memory of what was where 
or even in there - interesting though - making that  
cogent case again for an upright ice-chest; but it’ll 
be rested in the lees of success at least when the 
lost pumpkin soup blazes in sybarite glory tonite 

© 15 June 2015, I. D. Carswell