30 October 2015

Putative Pre-Eminence

Living where ‘daddy-long-legs’ webs gracefully decorate 
may be abasement of ‘putative pre-eminence’; so who’d 
think it matters enough to be on the needle, so to speak, 
about spider webs being sources of dust-borne disease; 
well - given I’m often sneezing for no particular reason - 
maybe me, but sneezing isn’t pestilence, or plague, is it, 
except to the cognoscenti & then there’s more allergens 
in the grass pollens - & hey, why equivocate on spiders 

Come to think of it - you have to see them to know they
are there in the first place - they don’t build a grandiose 
web to display that sun-glinting-dew-drop-magnificence, 
just a few random strands along the architraves; seems 
to work okay, and they slo-hypno-dance prey who’re so 
tiny you wonder anyway how they manage to survive
© 10 April 2015, I. D. Carswell