29 October 2015


If clearing away the empties suggests I’m 
needing resuscitation or rest from being a 
solo cause of why they were that way - ok, 
I’m mostly guilty of draining ‘em; shared a 
few with the Lady who appreciates a sip - 
whereas a drop satisfies her for me a pint 
won't slake an inordinate genesis of thirst, 
a genetic disposition may I say 

But the beer is as equally guilty - NZ Pure 
Lager to be precise; calling it ‘refined’ isn’t 
overstating a nicely brewed expression of 
brewers pride translated into Steins you’ll 
sip with largesse - and that’s my defence, 
I’m a victim of the best sort of excellence 
© 14 February 2015, I. D. Carswell