15 November 2015


‘Nother nothing day but for one event, which if 
you’re an Indonesian, wears sense of outrage 
expressed by every civilised nation; a ‘publicly' 
phrased penalty of death by firing squad is the 
execution of nonsense, yet seems they’re in a 
myopic megalomania of upraising eyebrows - 
an element of disbelief anyone could find fault 
‘slaying’ lawbreaking drug traffickers - period 

Well, I’d guess one thousand years ago it may 
have had relevance & been an ordinary power 
base demonstrating who runs the Law - but all 
of that ceased when ‘integrated’ jurisprudence 
stemmed ideas of a festering rot, tho’ it seems 
not for our estranged Indonesian neighbour 
© 29 April 2015, I. D. Carswell

At 3:30 am today 29 Apr 2015 Australians Andrew Chan 
and Myuran Sukumaran and six other men are executed 
for drug trafficking by an Indonesian firing squad, - 

Filipina Mary Jane Velosa won a last-minute reprieve