16 November 2015


You don’t have to see it with your eyes if you feel 
it in your veins - today explains the why of it; that 
sense resides within each breath of earthiness - 
your heritage inflames the which and why of it, a 
panoply of meanings best, a mantle fused in age 
that decorates the spaces left where words once 
were its eloquence - there isn't need to verbalise  
the feelings in expressions made redundant, yet 

The power of it amazes - come what may you’ve 
reached that point where what you feel contains 
reality you needn’t see to be a party to - it’s truth 
displaying what & who you are within as venous 
clarity, a heritage you know like breathing in this 
certainty that runs inside a viscid pedigree 
© 22 March 2015, I. D. Carswell