25 November 2015

Farewell To Massey

Massey’s passing today comes hard - she's still 
warm in our hearts; there's vagueness where in 
every other instance, explanations made sense
but here we’d wonder whether we’re castigated - 
thankfully our memories will savour irrepressible 
energy that claimed she was unassailable; it did 
not prove to be correct but its feeling embraced 
all who came into the intimacy of her innocence 

There will be enquiries - & mute self-flagellation 
for misapprehension she wasn’t superwoman in 
deed in an affectionate disguise, - being still that 
lap-dog puppy weary of needs to justify her idea 
of what mattered; *Ixodes Holocyclus ended our 
speculation, she expired gracefully this morning 
© 6 August 2015, I. D. Carswell

* Paralysis Tick