24 November 2015

A Dud Idea

On a day when debate vegetates whether we’d 
need plebiscite or referendum to decide upon a 
gay marriage argument there’s superfluous gas 
adrift in the air; some say it’s unsavoury breeze 
off th’ mammoth guano pile we routinely refer to 
as Parliament where re-election concerns seem 
to occupy an eminence of fuzzy opinion it might 
be distraction enough to get The Bott back in 

We know we don’t need a constitutional change 
as marriage doesn’t appear - so a referendum’s 
wasted space; and plebiscites can’t change any 
Parliamentary option to ignore its deed anyway - 
& we’re debating procedural ramifications while 
the whole cost regardless isn’t going to abate 

So as the People why do we have to decide on 
decisions we elected ‘representatives’ to make 
on our behalf in the first place … 
© 13 August 2015, I. D. Carswell