29 November 2015


The Jacaranda seem to be preparing for Spring - 
we’re seeing green leaves go brazenly golden; it 
is a stunning change - engaging as a soon-to-be 
scene of a vast lilac haze - emboldened with sun-
light bathing a promise that the flowers aren’t too 
far away; we’ll anticipate them eagerly - a carpet 
softly laid which soon soothes away all rigours in 
its total embrace, and indeed tells the beginning 

And such its the affirmation we survived another 
Winter; there may still be cooler days but they’re 
easier to sustain now the Jacaranda bells chime 
agreeably;  we’ll hear them well, sunlight ringing 
ornate through appealingly carillons sedate, it is 
their way of a welcome - of singing in Spring 
© 17 August 2015, I. D. Carswell