30 November 2015


Don’t mind viewing a good tussle - tho’ whether 
in best interest of the game, embarrassingly its 
per se rests with a referee; well actually four of 
‘em to be pedantic, plus a ‘reserve’ we’ve been 
lead to understand and therein lies the ‘ordeal’; 
they never seem to get themselves ‘sin-binned’ 
for inept arbitration but in this game Wellington 
19 v Taranaki 14*, there was room to spare for 

Failing to see th’ much bigger picture available 
than paranoid adjudication myopia presents as 
a usually acceptable perspective - well as both 
both teams played the referees on whim it was 
an even contest, relatively - or could’ve been if 
we’d managed a sin-binned umpire or three 
© 15 August 2015, I. D. Carswell

* 2015 ITM Cup, game #2