11 November 2015


Renewing an old acquaintance’s like a trail blazing 
rediscovery of old events still not past tense, you 
shame yourself not recalling them too clearly, then 
they’re 20/20 in the face - as powerful and intense 
as that day they came into being; sure - mellow as 
you may’ve become - these weren’t ever bleached 
in the sun of their origins - or re-aligned into fancy 
versions of what you wished might have been 

And you greet this old friend in a harmony you see 
balanced against those ‘torrid’ times when nothing 
made sense; we never mentioned them, no need - 
they filled cavities as deep as agonies we’ve made 
full & frank peace with - & see no gain in replaying 
while watching pretenders deep in their games 
© 8 June 2015, I. D. Carswell