12 November 2015


Okay, so it’ll be another week - like, it’s only a 
haircut and that wont end the universe, or am 
I missing the real agenda; maybe playing to a 
hidden audience motivates these moments, & 
if that is the case, where are they - apart from 
me there’s only 2 dogs in attendance - unless 
I’m way off the point again as you don’t ‘need’ 
coteries of confidants to be in the ‘chair’; - I 

Used to say, hearing any voice is confidence - 
even if it happens to be your own; vocalising’s 
the first step in making plans concrete, dissent 
isn’t necessarily an adjunct to cementing ideas 
as agreed commonalities, especially if you are, 
in essence, doing it your own way perchance 

Therefore my sweet, I unilaterally agree … 

© 8 April 2015, I. D. Carswell