03 November 2015

Right & Proper

It is Cup day and reasonably y’d expect a bit of 
excitement left from those years gone by; heck, 
first for you was way back in the late 50’s if you 
recollect it right - when y’ listened on the radio - 
and even then they used t’ say its the race that 
stops a Nation - from what you’d never guess - 
& you’d play penny sweep-stakes coz its what 
they blessed on th’ 1st Tuesday in November

Years may’ve dimmed memories - and yet still 
ingenious ways you played Cup sweep-stakes 
stay magically clear - like they were occasions 
you’d be a winner more often than not - & that 
always felt so right & proper you recall - it was 
the kosher Melbourne Cup day thing to do 

© 3 November 2015, I. D. Carswell