04 November 2015

Seminal Day

A seminal day; where we might’ve bogged on in
an iredeemable farce of complicated faith a tide 
turned somewhere, the pace picked up - and we 
have a telephone that actually allows us call out, 
initially you couldn’t ring in; sorry the number's a 
non-existent or private one which you don’t have 
appropriate clearance for - then the miracle; well 
hey then, here’s a new one just for y’all specially 

Seems somewhere in th’ ‘boondocks' paper trail 
a dork screwed up hugely such we’d’ve all been
grounded - and then revised, reiterated and gee 
it wasn’t them anyway, so give’m th’ connection
and in th’ correction we’ve a need to fall into an 
unrequited line of - being reconnected again 

© 25 March 2015, I. D. Carswell