09 November 2015

Unbiassed Indeed

Trying to be objective about the intrigues of a World 
Championship game is never made easier when an 
irritating commentator deems he’s unbiassed; that’s 
bullshit to the nth degree, it’s the U20 rugby final, & 
without wearing a tweed hat he’d be as Pommie as 
you get - yet the finalists happen to be England and 
New Zealand; - just trying to translate any inference 
in terminology he uses to what you’re seeing, fails - 

But we noted that the excitement expressed when 
England had the ball in hand dropped off markedly 
when, in making play, Kiwis gained a bit of ground; 
perhaps his loss of sound contains an explanation, 
was he commentating for an English population or 
simply unable to pronounce exotic Maori names 
© 21 June 2015, I. D. Carswell