08 November 2015

Totally Agreed

Remind me; one of these days I’ll need to buy 
a new pair of shoes - not just anything, nor an 
iteration of fashion’s dictates; crikey the Hush 
Puppies existed back when I bought m’ last: it 
dates me I guess - a bloke who doesn’t weigh 
footwear a problem; it seems less an issue & 
more a blessing - but then you don’t have the 
sharp stones we can’t take for granted either 

There’s the lesson; neither do we, so the pair 
of gumboots (‘Wellingtons’) can’t be sinecure 
to wearing a utility view of what’s worn easily 
when the scene could well be a wedding: ok, 
you say, easy, get yourself a pair of sneakers 
and I’m amazed - seems we’re totally agreed 

© 1 April 2015, I. D. Carswell