02 December 2015

Adolescent Rite

Nothin’ too salient, just ‘nother occasion - you’d say 
since heartbeat increase there isn’t ‘need’ to create 
a movement, or make waves, yet you’d always see 
that difference came uneasy; like hearing scholar’s 
words which made it so - like who to believe if there 
is no gain concealing an orphaned truth: and who’d 
care less, who’s credence is a morality-in-test when 
we know it already as an outmoded precedent 

Such is a scene of the disagreeably unfashionable - 
of old-world politics; debate needs ring of fisticuffs if 
to have magnificent wings, else it’s credibility isn’t a 
flawless mouthguard on show, yet who even listens - 
words flow heedless to abuses of privileges elected 
representatives appoint as their only truth evident 
© 20 August 2015, I. D. Carswell