01 December 2015

Bungo Banality

Call it greater expressions of banality over wisdom 
& you’ll be nearer the geste, and there are smarter 
ways to descend the cliff above Bungo Creek - but 
hail thee, never met gets right to the gist of it, even 
if the risk jingles; & so we slide and scramble south 
a mere 40 m on a bramble-strewn 60 degree slope 
with lantana & creeper because The Creek’s there, 
can’t see it but yep, it’s only a stone’s throw away - 

Provided these trees oblige to arrest our controlled 
descent; we’ll be alright of course - we imagine so, 
then there’s the realisation tracks are absent for an 
obvious reason; oh well, we’re pioneers who’ll now 
need find a way back; easy isn’t it - north and up to 
where the sunlight beams its welcome warmth 

If ironic it was that we’d ventured nothing - zip was 
daunted, & zip was gained - for sure lessons were 
learned, no rationalising saves it from the pages of 
Tried and Failed; or Sages taking off the mickey on 
insane ideas they profligate - because - unless we 
go do it again, they’ll still say - something’s there 
© 18 August 2015, I. D. Carswell