31 December 2015


Day three of RWC 2015, no dramas yet ‘tho 
there’ll be cause for concern in some camps 
if measured by cause and effect; winning’s a
treat if it answers the question - did you play 
the game you’d planned, or did they; & then 
there’s referee machinations, some bizarre - 
&, at times - eccentrically wrapped in views 
indecently distant from cosily consummate 

Accepted that ‘foreign accents’ lend a depth 
where shadows blend edges into planes, so 
one mustn’t step off-line, land in a minefield 
of arbitration; The Game’s ‘grand plan’ is an
endeavour t’ beat crap out o’ th’ balderdash 
rank in those internecine iterations - and, 

Could we say - being offside far too often 
© 21 September 2015, I. D. Carswell