01 January 2016


The idea’s to play fast and loose with a pretence 
that there isn’t anything to defend - so I’m writing 
this on my iMac intending that it’s to be recorded 
on my MacBook Air; yep - just checked & screen 
mirroring sez its a wrap. So, how do I excuse the 
almost irrational pseudo-conscience laughing for 
my failing to see this was always the proper way 
to use these machines without web connections 

Okay, in my defence I’d never owned two pc’s in 
an operational sense ever before, but here there 
is comfort in knowing my main machine’s still the 
beast I’d let lead my creativity; so I can attend th’ 
cricket where rain’s stopped play, pondering who 
deserves a MacBook Air’s ‘testimonial’ reticence 
© 14 March 2015, I. D. Carswell