08 December 2015


Not blind - blind-sided perhaps - but that isn’t easy 
either; this’s a case of looking for your glasses yet 
actually needing them to see. So we’re groping an 

issue of where they might be - guessing whether a 
good intention has played a part, like moving them 
away from the places you’d expect - to wherever 

better-ordered minds counsel they should be; aha, 
I say, a glimmer of hope, but no success there yet, 
& thank heavens for a legacy set - if I can find ‘em 

Now we’re there, wearing these scratched reading 
glasses, from eight years back I’d guess - & in the 
process - find a creaky old pair of Px multifocals; 

it at least gets distance views into consideration - 
I can see what was blurred better - but doesn’t, in 
any way, clear me of what I’m beginning to see 

So the Greg Norman 2x pair, left offhand upon my 
darling’s bedside table suggests what my hearing 
aids would’ve confirmed, had I been wearing ‘em 

She said something about glasses before she left, 
it wasn't germane to anything bothering me then - 
so I agreed, and now I understand what it meant 

She’s wearing ‘em today - in telling me where my 
prescription multifocals lay she believed she had 
the other pair, which she’d intended take; - that’s 

them just there - lying on her bedside table. Okay, 
explains why I can’t find mine anywhere. Well, let  
it be, & hope that she enjoys their parochial view

© 1 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

The saga had an even better ending - apart from an overactive imagination 
suggesting otherwise, the glasses I found were the actual multifocal pair I 
was looking for!