09 December 2015


Well true, they’re not exactly sneaking up on you 
out of th’ blue so to speak, but there’s an idea its 
not entirely innocent either; once you’d agreed t’ 
th’ plan, even if it’s never been expressly voiced 
you’re in a no-mans land, where mines flush out 
rabbits silly enough to dig too deep; ’Oi lah, you 
say, if this is what you expected of me now, why 
can’t I do a bulldozer hire - & take a rain check 

But there isn’t an easy-out for the presumptions 
sold too indiscreetly - whether off clearly missed 
cues or mistaken assumptions - or worst kind of 
druthers - but the onus’s on you to perform now
so welcome to the place you’ve earned - & we’d 
say gracefully if it wasn’t too obvious a pretence 
© 30 August 2015, I. D. Carswell