29 December 2015

BMW Legacy

In the same way you’d read an Owner’s Handbook 
I suppose, a sort of scepticism superimposed upon 
obtuse phraseology - you want to understand what 
it means, you’re the one with the ignition key, but it 
slides out of grasp too easily to be coincidence - is 
this conspiracy you wonder, a deliberation mooted 
by intelligentsia of ‘translating’ their credibility safe 
from a disparagement of common parlance; - well 

Maybe you’ve got it right, though you’ve no way of 
knowing quite what to expect and in spite of all the 
creeds assurances cognoscenti refer to - but who, 
like you, had to take ‘the word’ back to the dealers 
to be in the know, - & thus to be seen comfortably 
riding this enigmatically abstruse BMW legacy 
© 27 October 2015, I. D. Carswell