28 December 2015

Lunch Today

Lunch today and the best choice of Sao crackers, 
Dutch cheese liberally dressed with freshly sliced 
tomato - a grind of pepper; there may even be far 
more exotic selections to better what we ate but I 
say a fare this close to our origins is hard to beat; 
afternoon tea’s White Wings ‘golden buttercakes’ 
and the week’s loaf of pastoral bread were baked 
before a morning cactus eradication working bee 

So we can afford to relax into the rest of the day; 
the rising heat’s already had its two bob’s worth - 
you won’t see us emerging a-flush with energy in 
an effort to thrash more of this succulent cactus - 
well, not before 4 pm maybe and then only if the 
expected visitors don’t stop by for a cuppa tea 
© 15 March 2015, I. D. Carswell