12 December 2015

Chainsaw Orchestra

A chainsaw that close to the ear isn’t the most 
gracious invitation to a nap after lunch; okay, it 
wasn’t salubrious grazing - crackers & cheese, 
with traditional pickle smeared lavishly upon a 
decorative slice of csabai; - but who’s idea is it 
one’s required entertainment throughout lunch 
thru noisily conducted chainsaw orchestration; 
hmm, the Bungo creek neighbour - patently!

Well we won’t pry into the occasion; there’d be 
little to sustain able reasoning at back of it - so 
to suggest it is, at the best rank idiocy, without 
explanation that’d stand any sort of scrutiny is 
where we’ll let it rest; that’s the country way to 
keeping a stable geriatric peace occasionally 
© 14 August 2015, I. D. Carswell