11 December 2015


Five of ‘em this morning along with Her Grace’s 
early visitation, and of course they didn’t stay. In
inter-macropodal displays visible tension played
havoc with notions they’re a peaceable gang - if 
it was a feud it had the bigger two hopping mad
while hanging off content were three - crouched 
at a distance and leaping into the ring discretely 
interpolating views - or maybe, trading debate

Gestures suggested their wrestling had serious 
intent, that it indeed might be an entrĂ©e to what 
we’d see as breeding season - but these Greys 
don’t play rules we’d nominate; and like our ‘ol 
grey mare - Her Grace - they all left effortlessly 
by hopping quietly into the Bungo Creek trees; 

Cued to solidarity, ‘Ol Grace left us too, tho’ in 
her case it was at a galloper’s pace … 

© 31 August 2015, I. D. Carswell