15 December 2015

Expo Day One

A good day being characteristically from where 
we’re at - Country Boys - and damned if it’s far 
too obviously that; but it doesn’t matter here, it 
is Farm Expo Day One - & you queue for entry 
unless you’re connected especially, a member 
of the rare rural intelligentsia you’d only heard 
of second hand, th’ ‘royal’ hegemony only few 
really believe exists, but it’s there - honestly  

We amble in knowing where to wander for the 
latest agricultural machinery innovations - and 
freed any prejudices are resistant to seductive 
offers - blest with the ordinary wallet’s rational 
ramifications, so its an extravaganza of ‘easy’ 
entertainment, less that hard-sell edge 

Which we’d run a mile from anyway … 
© 24 July 2015, I. D. Carswell