16 December 2015

What Riles You

There’s no need to derail it I suppose, the fact 
is what riles you, and you know exactly, its the
self-assurance you were once made from that 
same steel; well, granted it was true, then age  
has wearied it a bit such that incidence of rust 
dispels an image you’ve clung to: it says - ‘I’m 
still competent as any of yez - the evidence is 
clear, back up & take an unprejudiced squiz..’ 

Maybe the occasional ‘stuff-up’ is mistaken as 
clues to competence failing; odd, though, that 
you only pigeon-holed me - how about seeing 
it a product of your own advancing dementia - 
or are we getting into no no land of short term 
memory loss crossed today with Alzheimers 

We’ll pray that’s the least of it is all they’ll say 
© 21 August 2015, I. D. Carswell