23 December 2015

Pyneing Again

Christopher’s at it again - with a holier-than-thou 
smirk demeaning the debate; his view’s he’s the 
new Messiah for University education, don’t you 
worry about that, and we’ll solve all the bleeding 
heart issues with a few far reaching changes - if 
the bloody Independents get off the dunny seat
his vituperation proves we can’t have faith in his 
expectation as a rash of democratic process 

Or is it just that - that he couldn’t care less for a 
rational debate taking all perspectives into view 
as he can’t see a way to efface disagreement - 
it makes him look an obnoxious teenager who’s 
ego fled from respecting other’s views because 
they’re much too pedestrian for his fancy taste 
© 16 March 2015, I. D. Carswell