22 December 2015

Staying Cool

Staying collected, cool and calm rates tastefully 
up there with oblate entities who don’t heed the 
geodetical effects disgracing local symmetry; it 
means that to appear unaffected as they seem 
in their orbits of glory its a mass & gravitational 
modus rather than aired rumours of reputations 
too easily sullied by imagined tremors reduced 
to indigent tsunamis reasoned in service denial 

But that is the State of the Union - & one has to 
pay a fee to get a right forsaken by this ‘oblate 
oligarchy’ who couldn’t care less; it’s ‘cough up 
the moolah pal - and we’ll connect your phone’ 
or wait until Kingdom come for a public inquiry 
you know won’t be happening anytime soon
© 10 March 2015, I. D. Carswell

This is the latest ‘state of play’ in the saga of getting 
a landline phone reconnected at our property. What 
it means is our being hit with a ‘connection’ fee of 
$299 which somehow cuts through the Wholesaler 
Telstra’s bureaucratic bullshit such that it is effected 
immediately (supposedly). No-one is willing or able 
to explain how or why the disconnection happened 
first place - or why repeated attempts to reinstate 
the connection have been denied. But then Telstra 
answers only to itself …