04 December 2015

Runny-Nosed Reflections

While it isn’t ideally the way you’d see Tuesday 
beginning there’s a wee bit of consolation - you 
did survive Monday; the philosophy of it says a 
chance exists you’ll wrest clear of the midweek 
doldrums which persist, but with next weekend 
still a millennia off - maybe not. So we’ll try live 
it a day at a time until then - what matters most 
is to suppose Wednesday hasn’t decreed ‘no- 

go’ on us yet - if it gives a shit, and the rest of 
today don’t unravel in fits of ‘flu induced runny-
nosed reflections of ‘why bloody me’; a sleepy 
disposition doesn’t dispose any ‘manic’ energy 
to burn, or pay the Piper either, but at 6:13 AM 
you’re still free to ruminate comfortably abed 
© Tuesday 23 June 2015, I. D. Carswell