05 December 2015


So the lamp’s on again - we’re about to be castigated 
into supporting the idea an Australian Head of State’s 
the only way we’ll be true to ourselves; cor blimey, it’s 
nothing new is it - is anything gained by us remaining 
part of an empty Empire - whether that is a statement 
of fact jeering British heritage - whereas an Australian 
Republic stands on its own merits and jeers back with 
singular patios of our own multicultural menage 

Having always been a Colonial never bothered me in 
the least - until the realisation we’re different from our 
Queen, yet she's seemed to represent us fairly & with  
insuperable dignity we’re not exactly known for; okay, 
if you can find a local replacement who’ll do as good 
a job - then maybe it’s a tenable rearrangement 
© 27 August 2015, I. D. Carswell