25 December 2015

Things The Same

You could say these past two days were bound 
to be signal, but not for reasons yet to brave an 
uncorroborated sceptic’s confabulation; they’re 
typical of who we’ve become - & while it mayn’t 
sum the substance of collectors dreams, who’d 
enslave penury for it, nothing genuine comes a 
surprise in this estimation of a new breed’s use 
of terms we’ll agree to disagree - comfortably 

And yet we see this is the answer to what we’d 
have paid a consultancy to assess, and it does 
that in redressing our unity; the new cooker’s a 
ceramic topped expression of what’s already in 
place, hardly a case of replacing anything, just 
maintenance of a state of things the same 
© 11 March 2015, I. D. Carswell