26 December 2015

On The Eve

Its good that tomorrow’s the actual day you’ll do the 
rejoicing thing, exchange gifts, good feelings, sink a 
schooner or two, all while eating the year’s grandest 
cuisine. Its good that meanings of goodwill coalesce 
into true warmth - a blanket of kindness you’d like to 
stay abreast with perpetuity its best accommodation; 
but then you’ve still to wear an onus again of a once 
a year event in all its wry, commercialised trappings 

Its been good it’s said, clears the air, & we’re on the 
same page; if we look back it isn’t in disparagement, 
a discordant view still sees universality; and there’s 
impressive effects of synergetic energies you need 
cope with or be left sensorily bewildered - twitching 
in wake of a divinely overwhelming Christmas fete 

© 24 December 2015, I. D. Carswell