06 December 2015


I am supposedly awaiting the 73% guaranteed 
weather change; okay, I’ll back-to-front my cap, 
its the same as saying we’re sort of sceptical
will believe it if & when we see, or better, feel a 
difference out there, something you could hang 
your hat on so to speak; but there’s nothing yet 
that gets a cynical appraisal so l’m in quandary
for the washing I wisely hung out an hour ago 

Its a pickle as comfortable as any swift dash to 
the rotary clothesline - but it fails to honourably 
amend legendary failures I’m meant atone for - 
and there were a few but I’m seeing nothing on 
an obliging radar weather screen to suggest its 
that kind of vagrant westerly - at least not yet 
© 25 August 2015, I. D. Carswell