30 January 2016

First Day

This is the first creative day at my new desk, not in 
the least like the spare bedroom - though the test’s 
measured best by what is produced in the venture; 
probably I’d say that will be little or nothing initially, 
I feel some way from a relaxed comfort level that’s 
like at a table of plenty, there’s too many variables, 
posture for starters, and keyboard height and level 
with screen in front of me as clear and easily read 

But I have a legacy; somewhere in that drear past 
I reflect upon occasionally transition-making aides 
await their indenture, & it’ll be less of a trial - more 
an adventure; while thinking this way allays onset 
of despair it also says adapt quickly, or you’ll bear 
the umbrage of years of creative trepidation 
© 8 September 2015, I. D. Carswell