31 January 2016

Proper Porridge

The tension’s unbelievably extreme - USA 
is not dreaming a pretence of winning the 
match, while Scotland’s defence against a 
vigorous attacking plan seems lacking - in 
a similar sense the Scots may overwhelm 
the Yanks driving the ball at their line in a 
similar robust way; yet physicality’s 100% 
without the niggles of foul engagement 

Well, so far anyway - & we’re 70 minutes 
into th’ entanglement; let it be said that a 
32 - 16 scoreline doesn’t flatter the Scots 
as the Team to beat while it suggests the 
Yanks are making th’ grade with the elite, 
but time’s again been wrested too lean 
© 28 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

Final score: Scotland 39 - USA 16