09 January 2016

Let It Be - Rugby

Okay Wayne, hearken unto me, the game you think 
you’re refereeing isn’t the one we know we see - so 
if Danny Cipriano yells ‘you myopic twit’ he really is 
on the money - not that it’s going to allay a case for 
penalising him - one shouldn’t say things so loud it 
reaches referee’s ears; but Wayne, in harsh light of 
day you managed to see what you wanted without 
being much biassed by an Exeter Chiefs soiree 

Or am I like a Sale Shark coming across frustrated 
with toffee-nosed, bent-in-the-middle penchants of 
a Wayne Barnes grot-and-snot style modelling the 
praised, upper-tonsorial whistle-blower clique - if it 
even got close to that, but hey, spectators came to 
see a game - and cheered when you let be Rugby 
© 17 May 2015, I. D. Carswell