10 January 2016

Saga Of Senility

You might call it the saga of senility - if you 
could actually remember all the detail, and 
even then this thing happened incidentally
that only became clearer much later, when 
desperation dug its heels in - not a penny-
drop revelation - more a reality it created - 
the metaphorically obvious sustained in a 
gracious likeness to fallacious prediction 

Except it was a farce; this wasn’t anarchy 
per se but a delusory state - not quite out 
of the Arc but dubious enough once veils 
were raised & thus all implicated sagacity 
paled into dust, what seemed ‘irrefutably’ 
a virus invasion then cried wolf and died 

So we’re saved degeneration’s slow and 
inevitable descent into that ‘I told you so’ 
event - which didn't happen or threaten - 
and faces of the sages ‘saved’ from their 
acrylic anima pave a street to where the 
internet functions quite properly again 
© 1 August 2015, I. D. Carswell