24 January 2016

Many Faces

There, in the nub of it, you’d think you see the 
cue for change, only a tint of it; but okay if this
read is precursor to what’ll be viewed certainly 
an invitation to estrangement - maybe without 
being askance we’ll woo deference; hint, isn’t 
there incongruity after changing to leave your 
clothes tangled the way they fell off you - but  
just say if it’s how you’d want ‘em laundered 

Only we sodding-well-know it’ll be invitation to 
batting on bad manners, a lack of live-and-let-
live chivalry and sarcastically intractable slap 
to egocentric views; so a why don’t you shut  
up and do it my way analogy won’t get aired - 
or even off the ground - or yet laundered 

But all things considered, there’s fun thinking 
it through to a foregone conclusion - you’ll do 
it right and proper anyway as the fallout is far 
taller than any tower of Babel’s debris - & we 
knowingly do things in the languages we like 
to think we’re able to hide our many faces in 
© 20 Oct 2015, I. D. Carswell