23 January 2016

Calamity Awaiting

A case of damned if y’ do or don’t - and no way of 
escape - tho’ that suggests some guilt coruscates 
what y’d’ve seen as innocence - which, at least in 
your defence, you didn’t manufacture; but th’ true 
picture’s you’re up ahead and down th’ street you 
chose from your map’s conscience - & she is still 
asleep in th’ curves-comfort of being whom she’s 
mostly, and usually, completely at ease with 

Yep, it’s no contest isn’t it - yet your guiltless idea 
of sharing the burden crashed and burned, that’s 
the scent of it attenuating a no-go comfort zone
stopping to see what’s going on won’t be agreed 
an unbiassed concern - more a gloating over the 
unstated fancy that this was a calamity awaiting
© 12 September 2015, I. D. Carswell