06 January 2016


Well, you’d cautiously say, you’re ahead of the rat 
race with this today approach; mail read, washing 
grumbling to completion, loaf of Lauke bread near 
kneaded to indecent perfection, sure - in a bread-
maker, but you measured right; - & there’s time to 
sit back reflecting what you have already in sight, 
fulfilled on a cooler Autumn morning - tho’ getting 
warm’s complicated - the chilled air doesn’t really 

Freeze as much as council you avoid any breeze 
occasionally ruffling extremities: none-the-less its 
a hint to don woollen sox and shoes; hanging out 
the washing in ugg slippers’s ranked as an errant 
stupidity - yet you’d do it lucidly to keep cosseted 
feet at ease, despite the doozie mess it makes 

Then the optometrist call to see whether glasses 
have arrived, a yes; but they’d dialled my mobile 
despite being told of non-reception out this way - 
&, sorry mate - hadn’t recorded the land-line, but 
gee what can you expect living in a hole as black 
as th’ Creek; & now that mailbox foray in the Ute 

Because we’re too tired after walking the dogs to 
the hilltop and back; nobody’s gonna take a poke 
any rate ‘cause th’ freight delivery van’s hove into 
view with case of wine you half expected - so we 
appear to be on the right track & come what may 
perhaps you’ll sleep baby-like in dreams tonight 
© 25 May 2014, I. D. Carswell