05 January 2016

Wintering Equally

Cooler these past few days - some snow and 
sleet on th’ Granite Belt they say; good-oh, & 
Stanthorpe’s again blessed with a low of one 
degree, lucky you, makes the go-round of an 
agreeable Winter almost Australia-wide; we’ll 
concede its pleasurable to a few - skiing’s an 
attraction we know, but we’re Queenslanders 
who’re content to leave th’ snow down South 

So, in interests of a united community, please 
restrain your bloody cold fronts; as the saying 
goes, up here we’ll offer warmth, hospitality & 
even greet y’all affably, but we ain’t agreeable 
to your cool breezes as those pleasant Winter 
signatures you claim represent us all equally 
© 13 July 2015, I. D. Carswell