28 January 2016

Story Bridge

The bridge isn’t the foundation of this malaise, but 
it’s location has a way of positing what we’d see in 
evidence; there’s no way 277 bridge suicides from 
leaping off Brisbane River bridges is ‘causal’ claim 
to the penchant - and that’s only since the 1990s - 
but we have seen reductions with barriers evident; 
it isn’t difficult to digress from statistical arguments 
to damning a Council’s intransigence to erect ‘em

But this is the Story Bridge we’re talking about, an 
icon at its 75th anniversary; if four workers died of 
decompression accidents during construction, the
reasoning ended there, it doesn’t mean the bridge
somehow caused a curse to remain, anything but 
yet in a sense it left a legacy for Council to bear 

Finally, in its 75th year - barriers are on the way 
© 22 September 2015, I. D. Carswell

Brisbane has 15 bridges across the metropolitan area of river