27 January 2016

Duly Impressed

And you gratuitously get, what possessed you to 
try that trick from th’ sideline mob, though its just 
as amazing to you too, but who’d’ve guess there 
wasn’t a plan at back of it; not that you’d admit it 
for free altho’ the idea came spontaneously, and 
without any in-depth analysis, but now the green 
light’s on proclaiming th’ Wi Fi network’s actually 
a goer - though lacking an active Web connect 

Your main’s switch re-activation was what did it …  

You'll add, ‘however, nothing else works’ - but it’d 
be sotto voce; all you’ve achieved is a green light 
glowing steadily where it used to blink orange - & 
who’d think that is relevant if it doesn't get close 
to impressing a comatose-with-awe but bored-to-
trance denizens of broadband satellite provision
© 29 October 2015, I. D. Carswell