26 January 2016

Trumped Again

Call me naive if you must - but it’s what I’d have to be 
to vote for, or trust I’d be represented sincerely by his 
eminence Donald Trump; I’ll guarantee one thing that 
he will do well though, represent his own interests, he 
has done it endlessly with grand panache; - and thus 
we’d need to find a niche in his purview of leadership 
which permits us to exist - and learn what it means in 
his singular reality before bequeathing him the keys 

That isn’t to say he couldn’t do a good job of running 
USA, you already believe he’s doing it clandestinely; 
or am I misrepresenting the ‘wrong’ signals received 
ingenuously via vested media interests - all hell-bent 
playing their innocuous viewer-coverage games - so 
obviously the same tactics of th’ Big Kahuna too 

© 25 January 2016, I. D. Carswell