28 February 2016


If you had to put a label on it I suppose you’d be 
tempted to term it a hazy form of egocentrism or 
of being independently disposed firmly believing 
you really know what & who matters; of course a 
singular view - and tested only when shit hits the 
fan dispassionately spreading everywhere but a 
narrow band of perceptually ultra-sensitive crap- 
evaders pursuing disaster-distancing strategies 

So, where does it leave me, you’ll ask and we’d 
still have to say in the middle of a disaster zone 
as an innocent well-doer; but you only measure 
what you want to see within a framework paced 
to your specific needs - and universality can go 
play arbitrary games with those who ran away 

And rationally, it’s the key to your being alone … 
© 21 November 2015, I. D. Carswell