27 February 2016

Jonah Lomu

Jonah’s gone, and the memory lingers on as an 
echo of what used to be; there’s no denying, he 
changed Rugby forever. For a few short years - 
a panacea needed no-matter where you’d been 
and he made sense - on-field a glory we’d need 
believe in, reincarnation of what Heaven means  
when wingers match each other’s pretence and 
he redefined what excellence actually meant 

And then an Ambassador beyond duty; & when 
we learned his acute renal disease really didn’t 
see the connection between his commitment & 
an obligation to be true to who he really was; a 
prince without portfolio - and yet we’re about to 
be inundated with all of the traumatic evidence 
©18 November 2015, I, D, Carswell