17 February 2016


So is it a dream - we’re not supposed be spoiled 
this way; to a bottle of rum there’s more than the 
idea its possible, tho’ whichever way you sip this 
full chalice of reminiscing there will be returns to 
those moments again - your heroes never leave 
the battle field and the dead go on living - we’ve 
come to an arrangement on that, it means what 
we covertly want without being too sacrosanct 

So in less than a heartbeat we make atonement,  
its never too far away from the edge of an abyss 
and in surviving it, imparted duty stays trenchant 
we’ll be true to its letter, another sip of rum says 
we’ve passed with good grace; the memories of 
better times displace all those basal anxieties 
© 12 November 2015, I. D. Carswell