16 February 2016

A Poem Somewhere

After avoiding it all day, playing Full Deck Solitaire, 
Klondike 3 Card variation I’m paying the inevitable 
price - and winnowing in fields of nice words won’t 
be easy; there’re obeisance rituals to observe like 
kneeling to hammer the head on a floor scattered 
with ambitiously limp & unrecorded epithets in the 
vague, vignettes-sense of damp avoidance, there 
I’d’ve once said - that’s a poem somewhere - and 

Justified tying those threads into viscous sequels, 
strands equalling more refined scenery of what it 
was going to be; but then whether you’d agree is 
the question, and if I’m to defend being less than 
diligent as the poet should, maybe I could say it 
this way - we all have a day off occasionally 
© 17 September 2015, I. D. Carswell